Groundworks Services

At James Civil Engineering Ltd, we offer a wide range of groundworks solutions to meet your construction needs.

Our experienced team ensures precision and quality in every project.

What Can We Do?

No matter the task, we’ve got experience with it.

  • Concreting: From foundations to slabs, we lay concrete with expertise.
  • Tarmacing: Smooth, durable surfaces for roads, driveways, and pathways.
  • Curbing: Neatly defined edges for roads and landscaping.
  • Paving: Enhance aesthetics and functionality with our paving.
  • Road and Sewer Construction: We build reliable road networks and efficient sewer systems.
  • Water Pipe Repairs, Leak Detection, and Locating: Swift solutions for water-related issues.
  • Foundations: The backbone of any structure—we ensure stability.
    • Drainage Installation and Repairs: Effective water management for your site.
    • Soakaways and Land Drainage: We can prevent any water logging.
    • Substructure Construction: Creating a solid base for your project.
    • Site Clearance: Clearing the way for progress.
    • Street Works Accreditation: Certified for public highway works.
    • Drop Curbs / Vehicle Access: Safe and convenient access points.